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I8 Bluetooth Smart Tvs

The i8 bluetooth smart tv has a mini wireless keyboard and touchpad for easy moving of the controls. It also has a 2. 4ghz processor and a tv-level connection for using your favorite shows on your desktop. The touchpad gives you access to all the features of the smart tv without having toibrt your hand.

Deals for I8 Bluetooth Smart Tvs

The i8 bluetooth smart tv keyboard has a 2. 4ghz radio frequency so that your tv can talk to your keyboard. It has a touchpad for easy access to hot subjects. The bluetooth keyboard also includes a key for holding down the key while typing. The bluetooth keyboard will also work with devices that have a user-friendly touch screen.
the i8 bluetooth smart tvs are perfect for busy professionals or families who want to take care of their television set-up and management. The devices come with 2. 4g mini wireless keyboard and mouse, which make it easy to type and use the language, japanese or not preferred. Baseball and gaming devices, a perfect addition to any home tv set-up.
the rii mini intelligent televisions backlit wireless keyboard for bt smart tv is perfect for using your devices while on the go. With its sleek and easy-to-use design, this keyboard makes working on your bt smart tv very easy and simple. The keyboard also features a backlight that makes it very easy to see in the dark.